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What can I do for you?

I’m a senior exec with profit and loss experience in international public listed companies at C level with deep digital awareness and a detailed understanding of the entrepreneurial and growth journey.

I advise other companies as a non-executive director to provide a creative contribution, independent oversight and constructive challenge to the executive team.

I also invest in businesses and act as a general trouble shooter or management consultant, taking on short term interim and contract positions during less demanding periods.

Need advice?

For many of the businesses, I get involved with I help develop and execute strategy and bring about change within the business to become a better future state.

Further development comes from growth through acquisition as well as strategic marketing and sales strategy.

I do this for SMEs (max 250 people and £25Mil revenue), some Mid Market companies (max £500Mil revenue) and occasionally start-ups.

I’m also directly involved in acquiring companies and buying property and land

Below are some projects I’m actively involved with.

Let me help you move your business to the next level.