Can You Help?

I’m working on a couple of projects (details below) and wondered if you might know somebody that could benefit

  • Business Acquisition

    I'm looking to buy a business - find out more here. Happy to pay a finders fee for any opportunities that convert into an acquisition.

  • Developing Businesses

    I'm still working with businesses that want to improve and need help with development from startups to more established SME's. This typically covers areas like Sales, Marketing, Strategic Initiatives or Partnerships, Project Management/Business Planning, Product Management, Vendor Management, Negotiations, Networking, and Lobbying and Cost Savings. Again I'm happy to pay an introducers fee for anything that becomes a live paying project.

  • Buying Property

    2N Property is looking to help property or land owners that may need to sell quickly or find an alternative option.

  • Investment Opportunities

    Some companies and properties I find are ideal opportunities for joint ventures or for other investors and I'm on the look out for JV partners or people interested in co-investing or directly owning themselves.

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