Electronics Wizards Wanted

Your Country Needs You (Kitchener)
Your Country Needs You (Kitchener) (Photo credit: drbexl)

For dangerous tech. start-up that will disrupt the communications industry and be an enabling bridge between billions (next 5-10 years)…..longer term……trillions of devices and the Internet (IoT)…RF IC design etc.. Little wages, massive responsibility, constantly evolving business, huge technical and commercial challenges to overcome….recognition as an elite UK electronics engineering team that founded a global tech. business (UK based) with options that could be worth a small fortune in case of success….think Micro Men….only bigger and better……experienced AIM listed tech. members involved…..some VCs floating around…..Timing ?….TBD…anything could happen 🙂


Future developments ? Web apps, big data, integration, other related physical products…..lots of ways it could be developed.

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    • Thanks for dropping in Paul. OK, you’re in the Midlands area (your LI profile mentions Swindon) so that’s a good start. Will keep you posted. Nic

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