Parts needed to build a computer

Not only is building a computer cost-effective in comparison to buying one ready made, but it’s a constructive use of your time. More than just a labour of love, your custom machine can feature exactly what you want, but you need to know what are the parts needed to build a computer before you start ordering some of the electronics components.

Here are the main elements:

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It’s worth mentioning that almost all of what is going into your machine can be built from scratch with individual components, but if you’re not educated enough in the finer details yet, you can pick and choose what you want to buy as whole.

One of the more complicated to construct, your computer needs a motherboard, which is where many of the system’s crucial components are stored. Furthermore, if your motherboard does not have integrated video or you’re planning on playing a lot of games, you might want to invest in a high-performance video card.


A processor does exactly what you think it does – it processes and carries out instructions given to it, meaning that your computer needs one. Along with your motherboard, your processor is a very important piece of equipment, so keep that in mind when you’re allocating your budget. Also, if your motherboard does not have memory attached, you will need a card for your storage.


Again, it’s all down to your preference, but most people want a hard disk drive and a DVD drive on the front panel of their machine to play media. There’s not a great deal of difference between a drive you’ve spent a lot of money on and one you’ve bought on a budget, so bear that in mind. 


Integral to your components operating at safe temperatures, clipping a cooler to your microprocessor lets you eradicate the risk of your computer overheating. A cooling device may even be included with your processor, but do check with your retailer.

Keyboard, monitor and mouse

The last three components are a keyboard, monitor and a mouse and as you’ll probably be aware, you’ll struggle to work computer without them. A keyboard and a mouse might not set you back too much, but it’s worth investing in a high quality monitor; especially if you plan on watching plenty of media.  

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