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Press Releases From Nic Windley & Associates

Consultant Smuggles Marketing Weapon Into UK

Businesses Are Fighting For Survival And Only Those With The Right Tools (Weapons) And Strategy Will Make It Out Alive (Worcestershire, England) If you’re in business you’ve got to generate new customers and nurture existing ones to stay alive, and the UK needs small to medium (SME) businesses to stimulate economic growth once again. Conventional… Continue Reading

Coalition Approach To Sales And Marketing Addresses New Business Development Challenges

(Worcestershire, UK) Nic Windley & Associates has released its new change paper called “The 14 Proven Secrets Of Sales And Marketing Integration That Maximise Business Development” which reveals a sales and marketing coalition that challenges conventional beliefs about selling and marketing being completely independent disciplines, departmentalised with specific practices that are not linked to each… Continue Reading