Three email marketing staples

Implementing a successful email marketing campaign can sometimes feel a little hit and miss. To see whether different approaches are successful, marketers need to try them out beforehand; noting the results and tweaking the content accordingly.

However, there are some staples of email marketing campaigns that should not be overlooked and should appear in every campaign, regardless of its design or intent.

Call to action

All emails are going to be tools for marketing, so you therefore need to encourage your audience to do something, be it make a purchase, register an enquiry, or any other action. This is called a call to action. Therefore, there needs to be a link in the email that takes users directly top a relevant part of your website. Whether you go down the route of inserting a simple link, or choose to hyperlink the entire page so wherever a person clicks they will go to your website, you need to be sure the link is there and explicitly clear.

Social media connectivity

Whilst a relatively new addition to the email marketing stable, linking missives to social media has become huge – with recent campaigns seen to be incomplete if they don’t have a social aspect.

Businesses which have linked their email communications with social media have found them to be much more successful, in that they appeal to the zeitgeist – as well as enabling users to share the content amongst their peers much more easily. Not only does this endear the email to people more easily, but sees an infinite audience reach.


Web users are notoriously fickle and if their attention has not been firmly grabbed within seconds, chances are they’ll be lost forever. Therefore, email campaigns need to ensure the message is given across in as quick and clear a manner as possible, hooking them in before they have a chance to leave.

This can be done either with the use of attention-grabbing images, snappy text or an enticing subject line (or even a combination of all three), but whichever method is used, it needs to be carefully considered, as the potential risks are huge.

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