Multi-channel advertising and your email marketing campaign

When it comes to designing your email marketing campaign, you should not consider the content in isolation.

Part of what makes up a successful promotional strategy is the way that your brand image echoes through all of your communications with customers and suppliers, so everything that you hire email marketing companies to do for you should be reflected elsewhere in your public profile.

This can mean a variety of things depending on which angle you approach it from. If you are already advertising on other media such as television and radio but are about to embark on an email marketing campaign, then you will want to think about how your brand is portrayed in existing content and carry this through in your emails.

Some of the more obvious aspects to consider will be the colours used and any long-term slogans, but there is also the underlying tone to consider. If your television advert is playful and light, then you may want to keep this feel in your emails by using a “bloggy” style with plenty of engaging graphics.

On the other hand, your email marketing campaign may be dedicated to consumers at a different stage in the buying cycle, so it may be necessary to change the tone somewhat; possibly making it more serious to reflect professionalism.

It is becoming increasingly common for companies to use different media in combination with each other, perhaps inspiring people to check out a blog through social sharing, or advising clients of news on a website via an emailed newsletter. This is allowing for greater levels of engagement and marketing teams should think carefully about how they can join up the separate strands of advertising at their disposal.

Ideally, whoever is in charge of your email marketing campaigns will have a good idea of what you are doing in other areas, so that they can create a multi-channel approach that can boost interaction with the modern consumer.

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