3 Golden SEO Copywriting Rules

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For many web developers and marketers today, SEO is common knowledge; but this does not mean that they know how to use it in the best possible way to promote websites above those of rivals. SEO copywriting by talented SEO copywriters are in high demand these days, as it becomes increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd.

1. Keyword analysis
Perhaps the most useful thing you can do for your SEO marketing strategy is to discover which keywords and phrases will most benefit your website and its content. This does not mean cramming your website with popular keywords in the hope that this will drive up your search engine results position. Instead, it requires your SEO team to develop a sound and thorough knowledge of your website’s products, services and content, and the goals that you want to achieve for your website. Before you commence any SEO campaign, you need to brainstorm the features of the target audience you are trying to reach and the particular niche that your product can offer them which makes it unique. Having identified these goals, you can devise ways to have the greatest possible impact in search results by carrying out keyword research. This will help you to determine which words and phrases are being entered by users looking for products or services similar to yours which will then in turn direct your SEO copywriting.

2. Good organization
When your website’s SEO is being assessed, one of the most important factors for determining its position is its organization. Websites which are structured in an efficient and effective way will be rewarded by search engines; bad structure is often penalized. This means choosing and structuring your content carefully so that it is keyword-rich yet unique, useful and enjoyable to read. The positioning of your keywords is also crucial: keywords toward the top of the page will be picked up more easily than those at the foot. Starting your opening sentence with the most important keywords will reinforce the relevance of your content. In addition, you will need to make sure that each page is appropriately titled and has keyword-rich meta tags which will be picked up by search engines – keywords which are prominent in your title and the H1 tag will be readily picked up by ‘spiders’ and help to establish these keywords as the subject of your page. You should utilize variations of the core keywords in any subheadings – the H2/H3 tags are less important than your page title, but still prominent. Prioritize good design and layout of content, and make sure that you insert internal hyperlinks for pages within the website. Links back to your content, particularly one with a keyword or phrase as the link text, will be valuable for your SEO.

3. The quality and quantity of inbound links
The two basic principles at play in SEO are volume and importance: that is, how much your website is being discussed, and the importance of the people who are discussing your website. Google’s PageRank, and similar search engine algorithms, calculate the ranking of your website in search results by weighing these factors and assigning your website a level of importance in relation to similar webpages. Even if the content of your website is keyword-rich, unique and useful to customers, you may find your site languishing in the rankings if it is not being linked to. Reach out to websites, blogs and other pages within the industry – this will encourage them to link to you in return. Pages with greater relevance and authority will be most advantageous to you, particularly if they deep-link to pages within your site using keyword rich link text which again will depend on the quality of your SEO copywriting.

Sam is a blogger and copy writer who believes knowing the average site conversion rate in your industry is the first step to improving your overall customer experience. It will also help your site convert potential clients into loyal customers.

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