3 Free Online Tools Every Marketer Should Use

HootSuite - Statistics
HootSuite - Statistics (Photo credit: Search Influence)

Ok, so you’re a new marketing business and don’t have a huge budget to buy all the tools you need to help your budding business blossom. Whatever the case, money is tight. Thankfully there are some free online tools you can use to track search engine rankings, customer behavior, and monitor your social media accounts completely for free. To learn about our 3 favourites, continue reading below.


Hootsuite is specifically designed to help with social media management. And as most marketers already know, social media has definitely surpassed traditional marketing techniques like e-mail marketing and word-of-mouth, thus this tool is really useful. What this site does is help you automatically schedule statuses and updates so that they go-live on social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. That way, you accounts are always engaging with the audience and helping towards branding. It also helps you select great hashtag keywords on Twitter for example so you know what are the most popular terms consumers like to  use when looking up your client’s industry. It also helps you check the popularity of links you tweet, for example. The basic version is free to use, but only lets you track one social profile. The pro version lets you track unlimited profiles, which is offered for a small monthly fee.


iWebTool is similar to Google Analytics in the sense that it confirms your search engine page rank and gives you some insight to which key terms consumers are using to find your page, but it’s a tad different.  This is because its lets you check your back links for functionality, checks whether your site is using keywords accordingly, as well as can give predictions of where you will stand if you submit “x” amount of backlinks.  Don’t be fooled by the flashing advertisements around the site—the various tools are free to use.

Google Analytics

We mentioned that iWebTool is similar to Google Analytics, but this online tool is equally important to add on to your desktop.  What this pioneering tool does is let you monitor all of your traffic, including IP addresses (including the exact city), so you know exactly where your audience is coming from thus giving you the upper hand on how to target your marketing campaign towards them.  It will also tell you how consumers found your website (which keywords used) how long consumers stay on your sire, and which pages consumers view just to name a few. It’s definitely a highly valuable tool to utilize.

Does anyone else have any more suggestions for useful and free online tools ?

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