The Layer Cake Of Business

Ever wondered where you are in the layer cake of life and business ? One of my favourite films the Layer Cake with Daniel Craig has a few lessons to teach us there.

From Layer Cake Turk To Top Of The Cake Teacher

Layer Cake (film)
Layer Cake (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The thing is, a fair chunk of the problems we find ourselves facing are in fact down to our own choices.  Learning to live with those and learning from those is usually most of the “shit” you’ll be taking unless of course you’re a gangster then the consequences can be much higher.

Money, relationships, pride and all that stuff which you think you need to protect is in fact the very stuff that traps or tricks you.

Likewise there is a fair chunk of stuff that you can’t control which happens because of a lack of experience of other people and things in your life and business which other Turks do not have to face.  Your journey is different and you’re strength builds with each chunk of stuff you are faced with and learn from.

You see you’re a Young Turk for a reason, mostly becuase you’re still a young person and the rest is because your rebellious and difficult to control in a company, team or organisation.  You’re a free thinker and doer and when you’ve thought enough and done enough and had the guts to do enough things that might just work as many times until they do, that’s when you go from turk to teacher.

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