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You may not be aware of the fact that we launched a business development manager jobs board a couple of months ago and it’s already starting to see some interest as shown in the graph below. This will be increasing over the coming months as traffic to this site continues to increase.

It was launched without any warning or update to readers of this blog so I thought I’d take the opportunity to give people an overview, as its potentially a useful resourced for both job hunters and recruiters.

business development manager jobs portal


Tools For The Business Development Manager Jobs Recruiter

The most useful of tools on the job board is the ability to post a job for display on either the Nic Windley job site or network wide across the whole Job Thread international network of sites.

This is important for two reasons, firstly that unqualified candidates make up nearly 50% of most job responses and that the “perfect fit” is probably already employed somewhere else and unaware his dream job could be up for grabs.

So to eliminate online recruitment inefficiencies the JobThread network provides targeted advertising that attracts ideal job candidates in less time and for less money.

You can tap into a powerful network of influential web publishers, blogs and niche sites to find the “Perfect Fit” for your role.

As we also touch on sales, marketing and technology on this site you should also know that targeted verticals within this network include

  • IT/Technology
  • Digital Media
  • Marketing/Advertising
  • Green/Sustainable
  • International Relations
  • Legal
  • Diversity

That’s a whole lot of talent that you could be tapping into.

Services For The Biz Dev Jobs Applicant

Are you doubting whether you should be putting yourself through all that pain of applying for jobs on those mass untargeted job boards ?

Well you’re not the only one and here why:

  1. Mass job boards get deluged with candidates who are mostly unsuitable.
  2. Many of the advertised positions are probably out of date or even hooks just to get CV’s.

All of which significantly reduce your chances of actually getting your profile noticed by the right people and at the right time. You’ve only got a limited time to find that next job so why waste it in the wrong places.

Instead why not check the jobs board for live active roles that recruiters are currently seeking applicants for or if you prefer you can follow our jobs twitter feed to receive the latest opportunities instantly and directly to your twitter messaging inbox.

Either way you can save yourself a ton of time by avoiding all the junk and getting directly to the roles that are most suitable and live.

Here’s to your job hunting and landing that ideal business development manager role.

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